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Cocktail Classes: Oakland

Learn How To Make The Cocktails You Love!

Oakland, California

We’ve served the city of Oakland for so many years, it’s time we let you in on some of our secrets! You cherish our mixed drinks! Now, we’ll show you how to make them at home. You will find out about the historical backdrop of our mixed drinks and why each soul is utilized. You will get the mixed drink formulas and achieve the technique in order to make every event a hit . Upon consumption, you will be sure about your craft to make awesome made mixed drinks at home. The best part, you get the opportunity to drink what you make!

What Is Oakland's Signature Cocktail ?

Finding a trademark mixed drink for Oakland is a long-going debate

You Decide

Hennessy Sidecar

  1. 2 oz Hennessy V.S or V.S.O.P Privilège.
  2. .75 oz Grand Marnier.
  3. .5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice.
  4. Garnish: Lemon Twist and sugared rim.
  5. Glass: Coupe or Martini.

Some agree that this sidecar should be Oakland’s signature cocktail. Due to the younger generation of Oakland promoting Hennessy in music and advertising it in popular youtube videos, this specific sidecar has been getting a lot of attention. Hennessy, being a popular drink in this region and a sidecar being a simple, tasty way to throw a couple back, we can guarantee this to be one for your recipe book.

Don't Think So ?

Cadillac Martini

  1. 1.5 ozs premium reposado tequila
  2. 1 oz Grand Marnier orange liqueur
  3. .75 oz fresh lime juice
  4. Salt for rimming (optional)

Oakland is a cocktail kind itself, simple ingredients that are extremely diverse, and somehow everything comes together to create something greater.

Sounds like Tequila should play a role in this signature; taking the flavors around it and enhancing them.

Top shelf tequila and Grand Marnier. Oaklandish, but with oakland devided into so many parts: east, west, and north. Maybe this cocktail is too simple to be called a signature?


You Be The Judge!

Hire A Private Party Bartender: Oakland

Let Us Mix Up Your Interpretation of Oakland

Mixing drinks at your own event may not be in your plans, that doesn’t mean the cocktail competition has to remain a fantasy. Hire one of our Private Party Bartenders to come and save the party!

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