Private Party Bartender and Event Services

You deserve to enjoy your party; so be the host of your party and let Private Party Bartender serve you and your guests.  Our promise is to provide professional service to you and your guest. Our Private Party Servers and Private Party Bartenders love private event work. We want you and your guest to to talk highly about our service and we are dedicated to making sure this happens.The way our service works is

Show up on time

Be dressed to work

Work professional and stay busy

We want your guests to remember your event an the great time they spent with you.

If you need a setup crew we are also here for you. We will show up at your event early and set up for your catering team, set up decorations and more. All you have you have to do is take your time and greet your guests.

Once you hire us, your friends will be thankful for having more of your attention this time around. You will be the talk of the town with praises on how well your party turned out.

No more ignoring your guests while getting the hors d’oeuvres out of the oven. No more stepping away from a conversation to put empty dishes in the sink.  It’s time to


You are a busy person.  You have plenty of things to do to prepare for your celebration.  We are there from the beginning to the end of the event. We come and clean your house before the event, serve your guests and clean-up during the event, and clean up after the event. We will make sure your establishment is always looking fresh and clean.  The worst part about hosting an event is the ending of it – the clean up!  You are too exhausted to put the food away or to clean the mess up, so let Private Party Bartender do it for you!  It’s time to enjoy your own party.

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